"Life is but a small part of Art."  ~Dandiananda

A wandervogel, Dent-de-Lion traveled the world as a young artist and musician.

Settling in Switzerland, he pioneered development in 3D graphics, sampled-based music, digital photography and computer animation.

As a designer, he created SNIFE, producing a hit collection of beautiful Swiss Army knives with multicoloured handles, one of the world's first products developed with 3D computer graphics.

With Metamorphose Labs, he invented mediacube, the world's first true-colour interactive multimedia touchscreen kiosk, which was premiered at the 25th Anniversary of the Montreux Jazz Festival.  Around this time he produced some of the world's first giclée prints for IRIS Graphics, together with the first thermal colour prints for Kodak.

His groundbreaking work brought him to Denmark, where he became Director of Research at LEGO, the beloved toy company. Darwin, the advanced research and production group he founded there, grew into a 150+ person division, the forefather of The LEGO Movies today. While deeply immersed in virtual reality and other new technologies in his lab, he continued to develop traditional forms of expression: painting, drawing, writing and photography. Being a well-known public speaker, he was invited to serve on an advisory board for Apple in Europe.

With the backing of the LEGO Group, and it's owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, he formed The Creativity Corporation, a startup incubator combining art, invention and business. As inventor and entrepreneur, he developed many innovative projects, including ToolTribe, the world's first intelligent whiteboard. Interested in reconfiguring social structures, he co-founded the revolutionary Ideministeriet (The Ministry of Ideas) in Copenhagen.

Returning home to Switzerland, Dent-de-Lion published his second book IKONMAN with Orell Fussli, the famed printers of Swiss currency. The book was featured in a "city walk and read tour" with street signs of each icon, along with an art exhibition, and a music video.

Working with a team on the golf film The Nature of the Game in California, he became fascinated by the idea of crafting an entire film on his own: as director, editor, composer, and cinematographer, he would produce the complete work. This became PORTRAIT² | A Work of Art about a Work of Art, a seminal film, a symphonic visual poem without words.

During this time in San Francisco, he composed and recorded his orchestral settings for the first twelve poems of A Song Cycle of Love and Death. 

Returning to his "analog" drawing roots, Dent-de-Lion created Leonardo, for Art Playing Cards. A tribute to this immortal artist and inventor, Leonardo is one of the most funded playing card projects on Kickstarter.

Frederick Bear - A Tale of Bern, is his third book. Written and illustrated over the course of two and a half years, it's a work of Art for "children of all ages".

The Noise, a viral story is now being readied for release.

Dent-de-Lion lives and creates daily at his studio Meisterwerke Altstadt